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Typical Days Are Spent At Home

Since the advent of the internet, it seems to me that nobody wants to enjoy meaningful conversations anymore. Maybe it's me getting older and leaving my carefree days behind me. Nevertheless, I do enjoy my life, the relative solitude, and time spent with in-laws. Young people, enjoy your youth before it leaves you gasping for air and wondering where all of the years went.I Am Not My Diagnosis

It has been an uphill climb, living with the diagnosis of several illnesses. I am not angry with God or society, I believe there's a reason for my human condition.

Many people in today's society that are aware of mental illnesses or various physical conditions, tend to label you through their own ignorance. Just because someone has bipolar or schizophrenia, or a physical condition such as diabetes or an inability to walk, does not make them any less valuable as a human being. They simply have something to overcome and living with that makes life more challenging than for someone without their condition.

Life Has Challenges

The majority of mental health professionals I've dealt with seem to have the approach - through my therapy sessions - that if something's too hard, don't try. Back away from what frustrates you and do something less taxing.

This country was created by people - known and unknown - that faced greater hardships than most of us today. We take luxuries for granted, and think of them as necessary and as a result our personal growth and development slows to a crawl. Life is full of difficult things. Buckle up, buttercup!

Examples of What We Take for Granted

  • Fuel for heat and cooking
    Sure, we have bills to pay to bring gas and electricity into our homes. When was the last time you walked through the woods to chop trees down for fuel in your fireplace or wood stove?
  • Electricity for lights
    Another thing we take for granted. Try reading a book by candle light or kerosene lantern. There's a marked difference from that to electric lights.
  • Indoor plumbing
    Hot and cold running water, toilets (instead of outhouses), washer and dryer sets... I hope you get the picture.

I Am Made of Tougher Stuff

Finns have a term for being gutsy beyond perceived limits - Sisu. No matter the challenge, Finns rise up to meet it, and face it until it's conquered.

It's time for me to face my personal challenges and conquer what keeps me down. Many of my friends have tried to instill caution in my mind, however. They don't always understand what drives me or how I need to conquer what gets in my way of enjoying life. Today, I will conquer through my writing. Who knows what tomorrow holds.

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