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Personal Matters

This is my personal blog, where I blow off steam and rant, sometimes coming up with a coherent thought or two. On occasion, I may throw in some notes of a more technical nature. With me, you never know what I'll post on any given day.

Tracking Stuff

Keeping Things in Focus

April 13, 2017

My mood changes from day to day, depending on my waking state of mind. Most days, I find it hard to get things done, and I'm a real bear as a result. No, folks, I do not turn into the furry kind that eats honey and has little bear cubs.

Life's Lessons

April 13, 2017

I admire the working class in this country, being able to do what I am currently unable to do. Whether you're white or blue collar, you have my respect. I have tried time and again to take my skills I've acquired through my hobbies with computers, and eke out some sort of living. It seems I still have so much to learn - both about the tech world, and my own health.

It is only by taking advantage of what is freely available online that I'll have a chance to earn the respect that goes with the know-how and skills needed to further enjoy what I do.

Key Skills

  • MS Windows Troubleshooting
  • PC Component Cleaning
  • Software Installation
  • Web Design Basics
  • HTML 1-5 Essentials
  • CSS 1-3 Essentials
  • Bootstrap Essentials
  • Simple Responsive Web Design
  • Editing / Proofreading

Online Life

Omaha Public Library

Mostly online visits.

In addition to borrowing a few books here and there, I browse the library's online resources in order to find out about a particular topic I'm interested in.


Resume updates and job searches.

I don't visit here very often.
Perhaps I should make it a weekly thing?