Poetry by House Gnome

We Reap What We Sow

by House Gnome on October 2, 2016.  © Aaron J Wisti, All rights reserved
Have you tried to make sense of life?
The pain of sorrows cut like a knife.
The lies of a thousand lives tear you up inside
You'd give this all up, though you've got your pride

A thousand ways to fake this
Where shall you begin?
Deep down inside, there is a wish
Just wash away this sin.

You'd sleep away a million moons
to go back in time
to the evening under a pale red moon
and the evening you first shared wine

Contain your lust, your conscience says
Come what may, she brings you more
feelings overwhelm you and still she plays
you can't stand it, you beg for more.

By the time you awaken, it's too late
your head is throbbing, you sealed your fate
lust is complicated with simple ways
this will haunt you to the end of days.

Author notes

Sometimes the best things in life aren't what they seem and come with a price.

The Agony and the Pain

by House Gnome on April 11, 2016.  © Aaron J Wisti, All rights reserved
Silent whispers of my screams
reaching out through my dreams

My whispered prayers to someone who cares
to a God whose love was shared

I confess
I am a mess

When life around me is falling apart
I'm left here, standing with a shattered heart

Where do I turn to when no one listens?
Who will wipe the tears from love that's missing?

I've been taught my soul is obscene
to live for me is dreadful deceit

A constant battle in my mind
dreams of life I've left behind

The agony and the pain
tear me apart in a hurricane

What will you do with your television Christ?
How will you live when your soul leaves the light?

Do you like to live with a heart that's so hollow?
How do you sleep with no hope for tomorrow?

All of this live has driven me insane
To hope for a change is a hope that's so vain

You tell me your God will wipe away tears
You tell me that Jesus will calm all my fears

What will you do to a king with no crown?
What will you do with no one around?

This is the life that you feared would be yours
This is the nightmare where demons keep score

Squeezing me dry till nothing remains inside
I'll never forget this wounded pride

You promised to deliver me from all this trouble
I'm still waiting while this torment has doubled

Where's that chariot that's supposed to deliver me from this?
Where's the savior and the angels, oh, something's amiss...

The Loudest Whisper

by House Gnome on December 28, 2015.  © Aaron J Wisti, All rights reserved
A crowded room, and no one talks to you
you're hearing voices, yet no one's speaking
You think you're crazy, the whispers mock you
you want to scream, your voice is creaking

A thousand souls without faces
you ask for help, and no one listens
you don't recognize these places
your heartbeat races, forehead glistens

You don't belong here, something's not right
you pray for help, does God hear you?
they smell your fear, mocking you at night
the voices laugh, this struggle's true

You ask your doctor for some relief
a cocktail of pills is all they offer
from rote memorization, they quote their belief
that their skills will make it better

They quiet the voices, but still they mock you
inaudible whispers you barely hear
paranoia steps in to fill the void, it's true
your comfort, barely out of reach, deepening fear

Author notes

Be kind to those suffering from mental illness, regardless of what form it takes. Just because you don't see their battle, doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

My Search of Faith

by House Gnome on December 28, 2015.  © Aaron J Wisti, All rights reserved
I spend my free time
asking all the right questions and getting the wrong answers
The search is mine
this world is twisted and full of deceivers

I find the mysteries suit me just fine
no rhyme or reason to what I've found
my prayers to God are only mine
no one else is kneeling on the ground

No holy man can satisfy my thirst
my faith is all I have, it gets me through the day
my life has given me its worst
I hold on to hope for a better way

The warning sounds of thunder tell me of what's to come
I turn my face to the storm, believing in what makes me strong
no fear, no tear, my spirit will run
a thousand storms like this have passed, I still go on

The presence of angels and the One that leads them all
I feel their strength deep within my soul
tearing down the lies that built these walls
I'll run the road to Heaven, this is my goal

As for those that filled my head with lies
their deception runs deep below these streets
their fear shows through their soulless eyes
no worries here, I know they're beat

No mournful cry, no words of sorrow
I count their loss as my own gain
My faith won't die, I see tomorrow
Where I'll be healing in His reign

No broken clay
I will be healed
I'll be remade
His Promise sealed

Author notes

Written during a moment of personal reflection, and feeling grateful for everything in my life, and for those that have been a part of my life.

Flags in the Air, Boots on the Ground

by House Gnome on November 11, 2015.  © Aaron J Wisti, All rights reserved
This day, I'm truly humbled
by your service and your sacrifice
You rose up in times of trouble
to defend us, none thought twice.

Standing up for values some take for granted,
your very lives were at stake,
in foreign wars, your boots were planted,
one firm conviction left in your wake.

While some think of lives that were lost,
I'll not forget the lessons learned from your soldiers,
I'll never know the bitter wars or the cost,
I'm grateful for the ones that served.

Without you there, one might not know,
the sweet taste of freedom I've been blessed by,
With each one served, my respect will grow,
for our country and safer sky.

Author notes

Written after viewing old photographs of my Dad and Grandfather when they served.

Age Reveals a Truth

by House Gnome on July 14, 2015.  © Aaron J Wisti, All rights reserved
It's funny sometimes,
when you've lived for so long,
thoughts get established that create a mask.

You'll work on some rhymes,
your thoughts are wrong,
and lose track of your thoughts and task.

I've lived nearly half my life and wondered out loud.
Do I have even one answer right?
Do my questions even matter?

My twenties roared by with a thunder and shout.
Struggled through my thirties with barely a fight,
Now my forties reveal that not much matters.

I've spun my wheels and searched for a purpose,
explored religion and demanded the truth,
pondered philosophy and discovered nothing new.

Now with this thread, I've made a noose,
lived this long and lost only a tooth.
Now I'll kick back with nothing to do.

Author notes

I've discovered, through much thought and conflict, that religion and philosophy solves nothing. It's now time to kick back and let the younger generation discover what I've learned.

You Can't Hide

by House Gnome on May 20, 2013.  © Aaron J Wisti, All rights reserved
Put up your walls of shame,
Point out the ones to blame,

You can’t run from me,
It’s the truth - too blind to see?

One game too many in a sea of fear,
spent your life in misery and tears.

You thought it best to give up the ghost.
You forgot the words to your best friend’s toast.

You ran from misery and ended up with pain,
You can’t think straight while out in the rain.

You said you’d live a thousand years,
But now your conscience seemed to disappear.

Over and over you tried - you never got no where.
A life of misery - and now you just don’t care.

Author notes

After an introspective evening of watching music videos, I decided to write this.

No Apologies

by House Gnome on November 12, 2012.  © Aaron J Wisti, All rights reserved
Standing tall and strong
he has a tale to tell you
stick around this won't take long
for you will see it could be true.

What can you do or say
there's nothing left to do but pray
make this dreadful feeling go away
upon my terrors you will not prey.

Author notes

Not quite a finished product, I'm curious to see if anyone wants to take this poem and add to it?

Labels of Circumstance

by House Gnome on November 12, 2012.  © Aaron J Wisti, All rights reserved
Don't label me
that's for jars and cans
we're not much different you see
I'm just a simple man.

I'm just like everyone else
with hopes and dreams in life
I travel through my personal hell
where every pain I see is mine.

Under a bridge I've hid alone
not by choice but circumstance
if I was wiser I would have known
the plot of life's cruel dance.

Yet here I've asked of you today
to look beyond the frozen surface
make some time and look my way
for compassion in this place.

Author notes

This was written during a creative writing session at Friendship Day Program here in Omaha Nebraska, USA.  I was told it needed to have a uniform flow of rhyme throughout the entire work in order for it to qualify as a poem.


by House Gnome on May 10, 2012.  © Aaron J Wisti, All rights reserved
I am aware of the monotony of life and the falling tears,
these things you tell me fill my head with empty fears.
My soul cries out through the endless hunger I feel,
Emptiness is emptiness, and yet this pain is all I feel.
Pain and rain makes the thunder more intense,
These racing thoughts have made no sense.

What of my people?

by House Gnome on August 8, 2010.  © Aaron J Wisti, All rights reserved
The fog settles in as the horses run free
I've fought a long and weary battle with my people and yet they continue the fight
Death brings an unsettling stillness to the land
Drums and rattles are sending prayers to the Great Spirit.

Author notes

I plan on adding more later. I just wanted to try something different.

A Celebration of Love

by House Gnome on August 7, 2010.  © Aaron J Wisti, All rights reserved
Birds are singing in the trees
The cat is watching from the windowsill
I am happy to be me
Contentment has its fill.

Love is an ever blooming flower
Painting pictures in my heart
There is no earthly power
That can tear us apart.

If I had the chance to meet you again
With all our trials and tribulations
I wouldn't change a thing
Making no accommodations.

I'd give up a bed
Shelter you from the cold
Make sure you're fed
Together we'd grow old.

Author notes

This was written while listening to Kenny Rogers' song, "Buy Me a Rose", and is written for the love of my life, Tina Dooley.

My Short Story Part Three - Abandoned Shelter

by House Gnome on August 4, 2010.  © Aaron J Wisti, All rights reserved
Under bridges they will sleep

The cold wind blows into their bones
To wait for deathly hands to creep
A twisted fate has robbed their homes

They slumber on under the mist
Vulnerable souls out in the frost
What cruel lesson taught me this
To gain the world, a soul was lost

We’re getting older - not much wiser

The world is turning though I don’t notice
Upon my shoulder the weight is heavier
I plead for help from hearts of ice

If truth be told and lessons learned
then, my friend, you’ll realize
No favors given, and respect you earn
you’ll see the truth with opened eyes…

Viking Sailors

by House Gnome on August 4, 2010.  © Aaron J Wisti, All rights reserved
Strong of sails on mighty seas

harsh winds howl with none appeased
I raise my hands to Mighty God
To plant my feet on blessed sod

Hammer of Thor, Rites of Odin
I search no more, as death begins

Magical mysteries of dreams thought forgotten
Wandering gypsies so poorly downtrodden
Realms and worlds of fantasy

Where life becomes too twisted
creatures skulk between the trees
Your thoughts are gone and jaded

The twisted Norse goddess steals your soul
while the earth shudders, your life grows cold!

My Short Story Part Two

by House Gnome on August 4, 2010.  © Aaron J Wisti, All rights reserved
Idle talk amongst the feeble minded.
Evil stalks the blind and short sighted.
Religion binds the weaker will, to warp with twisted reign
Quotes to make you weaker still, as your soul goes down the drain…

To live, you must believe - as they take away respect

using words meant to deceive - the simplest mind suspect…

Faced with death, unreachable stillness
The living are left with incurable illness
Some say I’ve flipped, some say I’m damned
I’ve seen lives ripped, by murderous hands

Political parties, taking no prisoners
Poisonous they tease, making me shiver
Loss of conscience, strangled brain

Stolen souls, your fate they gain

Shaven heads, and books I’ve read
People in bed, they’re all dead

We hurry to and fro,
drug the child we can’t control
Feed him substance in a bowl
What his meal is, we don’t know

Medication for dedication,
They say he must fit in
Resistance means execution,
Individuality is a sin

Shaken monkey, captive soul
A preacher’s flunky with no goal
Take from written words, claims of God from mortal men
Has to you the truth occurred, To be alive is not a sin ?

Heartless rulers prance and preach
Call you worthless, weak, and hopeless scum
To break your will, they claim to teach
About their Lord, And his Holy Son

Take the crow out from his perch,
Paint on him a brightened yellow
Look in your mind for truth to search,
Is this bird a changed fellow ?

Your will to live, a muffled scream…
Traces of faces in what was to be,
hiding in places found only in dreams !

My Short Story

by House Gnome on August 4, 2010.  © Aaron J Wisti, All rights reserved
I used to walk the streets where nightmares dared tread
Surrounded by my angels, secrets kept inside
Not wanting to be pretentious, a slave for daily bread
I built myself a world, in which I’d live inside

Created by man out of caves
a book from old wise men
And they wrote, to rant and rave,
with cunning, to fool with blind deception.
In GOD we trust, and not ourselves
we claim our worth with dollar bills
like tales of old, of evil elves
left deceived with broken wills.
Tattered and torn, like shredded rags.
We limp on through jagged terrain.
Labels and names, like luggage tags
defined our minds as all insane.

The Drifter’s Prayer

by House Gnome on August 4, 2010.  © Aaron J Wisti, All rights reserved
No cause, no clue, nor inspiration - no reason to live for resignation.

You see the things you cannot see, fleeing through a twisted dream.

Scared, I feel alone

Will I wake up tomorrow?

Barren, I opened my soul

Into a world filled with sorrow.

In my search for truth and wisdom

I found that no one seemed to listen

With my fears, I’ll break tradition

By my anger’s fueled suspicion

Created with paranoid intuition

I carried this feeling within my spirit

My journey carried me through lessons learned

My guardian speaks to me, can you hear it?

Take me back through all I’ve yearned.

Stood by beliefs passed on from the ancients

Walked a path I believed was pure

Challenged by scholars and fools to question

My beliefs I discovered are so unsure.

Taken to dreams taught by fools

Thrown to a world of heartless beasts

Conformed to learn the bitter rules

Our souls are stolen in sadistic feasts

How long, my friend, you’re so deranged

You choose to follow blinded faith?

So many fooled, their lives betrayed

Turned cold and empty twisting the sane

I confess, the lessons here

Learned through my short lived years

Witness to a world of fear

Has brought me down to tears.

Burning scars which cannot heal

Deceptive smiles that cut you deep

Militant hearts dared not reveal

Your destiny - eternal sleep

A blinded fool once trusted love

Led me to pieces of prayers unanswered

I searched the stars for hope above

My life as so empty and twisted

My head spins ’round it’s caught and trapped

Chaos and terror rip through my soul

Something in my mind’s just snapped

As my heart’s become numb and cold.

Shattered reality, the earth spins ’round

I start to believe my faith is shattered

Screaming out loud without a sound

I pray and wonder if my life mattered

All alone I face my fears

Focused on nothing I see myself

Shattered through a fool’s life of tears

This man must question himself.

Author notes

Written while homeless.

The Skin I'm In

by House Gnome on July 25, 2010.  © Aaron J Wisti, All rights reserved
The skin I'm in begs to tell a story,
of wandering tribes and caring faces.
I know not much of my family history
but it's what makes me who I am.

Forged from the sweat of brows and steel of swords
raised the heathen hammers high
and conquered new lands with our swiftest ships
we learned as much as we taught.

Our gods of old we held such pride
raised our families to respect the clan
Protecting the weak with what was strong
life was harsh though we managed well.

Bitter winds kept us company in the winters
We'd share the harvest and drink mead to the gods
telling stories of the passing years
their past made way for my future and I am proud.

This story is one that will never end,
passing on to my children's children
each generation with a new chapter to add to the old
and with that my story has been told.

Author notes

There is a bit of rhyme in the poem, though it is unintentional, I chose to retain it as it helps tell a story. I tried to tell what I knew of Viking families in pre - Christian Northern Europe as it applies to my family heritage. What some people may not be aware of is that there were farmers as well as swordsmen in Viking families.

Spirit Life

by House Gnome on July 21, 2010.  © Aaron J Wisti, All rights reserved
Smoke, billowing with the wind ,
It seems to have a mind of its own
I can only watch as it grows and dissipates
as though it were alive.

Wolves howl in the distance
and owls are perched in the trees
I can only listen
as the spirit world awakens.

Moonlit sky above me,
foggy valley below
I can see the spirits of my ancestors
as they prepare to sit with me.

The Voices

by House Gnome on July 21, 2010.  © Aaron J Wisti, All rights reserved
Soothing in an insane sort of way
They keep me company when I'd otherwise be lonely
and give me the freedom to be who I want.

I control the volume and the speed in which they tell me what to do.
You see, I am listening to my cd collection
And it brings me peace to my world.

Author notes

Inspiried by my widely varied music collection.

Summer Nights

by House Gnome on July 18, 2010.  © Aaron J Wisti, All rights reserved
Summer nights are
easy on the eyes
with gentles breeze and moonlit ways
they shelter my eyes and inspire my mind.

I turn and look around, ever so slowly
I don't want to miss a thing
fireflies zip around and light my way
and crickets chirp in the background.

An Angel Upon Me

by House Gnome on July 14, 2010.  © Aaron J Wisti, All rights reserved

On a cold winter night, I was homeless and lost.
Sleeping in abandoned buildings to keep warm.
Along came an angel to help me with my suffering.
He was also homeless and lost.
Both of us were shunned by the world because there wasn't a dime to our names.
He kept me warm in bitter winds and stayed with me throughout the night.
When morning came, we parted ways but I hoped to see him again.

Author notes

This was inspired and written by my girlfriend, based on actual events while being homeless.

What Inspires Me

by House Gnome on July 12, 2010.  © Aaron J Wisti, All rights reserved

I've taken my feet down alleyways long forgotten,
broken buildings and condemned people,
I've found treasures within people long lost by society.

I've found love within people long ago forgotten,
and faith among those long ignored by religion,
I found a life for myself among the treasures of poverty.

Stories told in the middle of the night,
a chuckle shared between sips of beer,
and memories made far from sobriety.

I'm not saying I miss this life,
I cherished the friendships I had,
I learned from them some pretty tough lessons.

Depend not on others but only yourself,
when life fails to throw you a bone,
In the end you have only yourself to blame or praise.

Never forget who put you where you are,
and who can get you out in a pinch,
Placing your faith in God above.

Author notes

Remembering a part of my life lived after trying to adapt from being homeless and finally succeeding. Only after learning to carefully select my friends did I actually succeed.

My Love

by House Gnome on July 10, 2010.  © Aaron J Wisti, All rights reserved
Through thick and thin, better or worse
There are no words to describe how I feel about you.
A simple smile or sweet caress from you
Tells me all I need to know.

There are times when words have failed us
When all we needed was each other
Each day together seems like the first time we met
And the emotions inside our hearts last forever.

So do not worry as we are faithful to each other
No storm of life can tear us apart
I say this to you as a promise eternal
My love is all I have, a gift from me to you.

Author notes

Written for Tina Dooley

Don't Mock Me

by House Gnome on July 3, 2010.  © Aaron J Wisti, All rights reserved
I am different and I know it
Some say that I'm insane
Others think I've split from reality

I don't want you're sympathy
I won't play that game
I just want to know where I fit

This life of mine is so very strange
I want so much to organize my thoughts
I want you to love me for who I am

This illness was never planned
My coping skills were never taught
I'm often thought of as quite deranged

Author notes

Though I myself have bipolar, I tried to put myself in the shoes of someone who has a more serious mental issue and write from that perspective. I hope people can relate and see that those with mental health issues aren't trying to gain sympathy for the sake of sympathy, they just need to be loved and accepted.

Death is just a heartbeat away

by House Gnome on July 3, 2010.  © Aaron J Wisti, All rights reserved
I called you on the phone the other day
I just wanted to let you know
I've grown tired of the games you play
Our friendship needs room to grow.

Death is just a heartbeat away
I'm so tired of praying alone
I've tried to reach your soul, it's so far away
Does it even have a home?

I've grown weary of calling out your name
My conscience can't do this alone
You won't look at me are you insane?
Is there anything left in your soul?

Author notes

Inspired by a contest that caught my eye while listening to Rammstiein. I hope it reaches someone who needs encouragement in their life.

Early Morning

by House Gnome on July 1, 2010.  © Aaron J Wisti, All rights reserved
It's five o'clock, get out of bed
the sun is gonna shine real soon
No excuses now, I scratch my head
as I say goodbye to the moon.

It's a brand new day
Time for my coffee
get out of my way
Don't bother me.

Author notes

This is lovingly dedicated to all of those who don't feel right early in the morning without that first cup of coffee. A tongue in cheek reference to my own coffee addiction.

The Trash Can

by House Gnome on June 30, 2010.  © Aaron J Wisti, All rights reserved
A lonely man
he's dressed in rags
had a plan
packed up his bags

Looking for cans and bottles
and something he can sell

He fell on hard times
Once had a lot of money
but he lost it all,
now his life isn't what it used to be.

Wall Street, Main Street
Let's Cruise through Hollywood
The real life is found in alleys between the streets
where compassion is hard pressed to be found.

Author notes

Inspired while remembering my own life on the streets when I was homeless in Omaha, Nebraska. Someone had a compassionate heart, offered to help me out and now we are a couple. We are not living on the streets now.

A Man Came Tumbling Down

by House Gnome on June 25, 2010.  © Aaron J Wisti, All rights reserved
A set of stairs above me
and noisy crowd below.

I look around and sense something not quite right.
A strange noise and a very frightening sight.

Oh, I can see quite clearly
The way the man's gonna roll.

Author notes

Inspired while listening to a band from Finland called "Leningrad Cowboys".

This is Sacred

by House Gnome on June 24, 2010.  © Aaron J Wisti, All rights reserved
A wounded and bleeding heart
Open arms outstretched and pierced
He saved my soul from parts unknown.

Here I am
A carefree and wandering soul
Sometimes I forget who I am.

Knocking on doors and peeking through windows
I call out a name and no one answers
Yet I see the house is full.

I lace my boots for the final walk home
I pray this journey is swift and sweet
as I long for a blessed reunion.

Author notes

This took some extra work on my part and encouragement from a friend.

My Love's Embrace

by House Gnome on June 23, 2010.  © Aaron J Wisti, All rights reserved
She wakens me from quiet slumber
no storms brewing, lightning or thunder

A gentle soul and loving heart
for all eternity, never to part.

Though life is often fleeting and sometimes bland
my journey with her is right and grand.

Author notes

Inspired by the love of my life.

I Am Free

by House Gnome on June 21, 2010.  © Aaron J Wisti, All rights reserved
Thoughts swirl round me trying to confuse
the facts. Though they're in front of me
I can't see.

Master manipulators crowd my insanity
keeping me from tasting the truth.
This must be.

A twisted way of smelling victory you hold
the evidence against me. I can hear you
Without harmony.

My glass is half empty you say,
my thirst for justice and knowledge
never quenched.

I don't see the world
through rose colored glasses
I am free.

Author notes

This I wrote after a discussion in a family meeting concerning finances in which there was a lot of conflict on all sides.

A Heart Divided

by House Gnome on April 7, 2010.  © Aaron J Wisti, All rights reserved
Loyalty of the heart, I've heard
not to be split between two masters
a matter of circumstance, a choice perverse.

Heart to heart, soul to soul
a promise made so long ago
what led me here God only knows.

My time on earth is fleeting
this night is so surreal, a meeting
with promises made a heart is beating.

Temptation and resignation
choices made now affect tomorrow
I must make a fateful decision
one will have joy, the other sorrow.

My Homecoming

by House Gnome on April 2, 2010.  © Aaron J Wisti, All rights reserved

I traded in my sweat and tears

For God's promises at the end of the day

I go home knowing rest awaits.

The roadway is crumbled, I stumble
Down the street for my head is spinning

A long day at work has left me tattered and broken.




Author notes

This poem was inspired by lovingbama

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