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Responsive Thinking

Simple grids and measurements seem to be all you need to be familiar with in order to create a proper responsive web site or page.

In all fairness, I am learning Responsive Web Design as I go along. I use templates when I am stuck and the proper method escapes me.

As the days go onward, I will explore techniques I plan on using to further enjoy my hobbies as a writer, Web Designer and Developer, and a computer technician. I am no expert, these are hobbies - not something I do for a living.

Listening to BBC World Service

I enjoy listening to a lot of talk radio. Most of the time, it's conservative Republican or Libertarian oriented radio. However, my brain knows there's truly no such thing as fair and balanced unless you're hearing from all sides. I could be very mistaken, please correct me if I am. Based on what I've been exposed to, I think most (if not all) college radio and NPR stations have a Liberal slant in their news reporting. University of Nebraska at Omaha's 90.7 FM KVNO website offers two streaming services, one with classical music offerings, and the other with various talk shows from BBC World Service. Worthwhile and educational this morning at around 5-6 am Central Daylight Time.

I was enlightened, hearing reports about the lives of Orthodox Jews that try to get by from day to day, and how to cope with various rules regarding everything from clothing for women to ritualized hand washing. I also discovered, through another report on the same news show, that the poor in Russia experienced some of the same issues in public housing that the desperately poor do here in the US.
From low ceilings to drab looking buildings with nearly identical floor plans, some of the prefabricated apartments regularly have leaky roofs.

All Things Considered

Courtesy of 91.5 FM KIOS, I am listening to All Things Considered.

  • Paris attack, gunman killed, ISIS takes credit for attack, note found near body of gunman.
  • Trump tweets about presidential election concerning Le Pen
  • Personal query of the day - Whats the difference between Radical Islam, Muslims, and Moderate Muslims?
  • Le Pen is considered by the French to be 'one of them', in spite of turbulent family history Le Pen is overcoming odds as a single mother and presidential candidate in France.
  • Discussing MS-13, possible origins, social impact, community safety, El Salvador civil war and poverty. Deportation might not remedy this issue.
  • Debunking alternative facts through one source - InsightCrime.org.

Web Design and Development

Courtesy of Color-Hex.com/216-web-safe-colors/, I am finding complimentary colors for this website. It's not a perfect effort on my part, but I'll go with what works and am quite satisfied.

While the title here concerns Responsive Web Design and Development, I will try to cover everything I use in customizing this template.

For starters, this template came from the website GetBootstrap.com.
Another site I frequent for ideas is StartBootstrap.com/template-categories/all/.

I borrow heavily from the internet when looking for inspiration and the correct method for doing a particular task. Take W3Schools.com for example. There are plenty of tutorials and examples ranging from basic HTML and CSS to Javascript and jQuery, to name a few. They even thankfully include a section for Bootstrap tutorials.

Occasionally, I will visit the Omaha Public Library. While I think a lot of their material is out of date by at least 5-10 years, most of it can still be relevant to a beginner.

The Travel Channel

I'm watching Expedition Unknown and I think Josh Gates is a bit nutty.

Through various adventures, he tackles historical finds and occasionally eats things I wouldn't consider to be food.

Podcast Time

I'm now listening to today's episode of Democracy Now!. Definitely a Liberal-Leaning podcast. However, it is interesting.

  • The Liberal Left is not a fan of our 45th President Trump
  • Much fussing is being done over undocumented non-citizens
  • Housing budgets appear to be on the chopping block
  • National March for Science
  • Neil DeGrasse Tyson states Science Denial is a threat to democracy

Eye Candy

Favorite Images From Various Sites

I used Pinta image editing software to edit these to my liking. The software can be found at Pinta-Project.com.
If you find your image here, and want it removed from this site, please email me with the details or the image attached.